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Once payment has been accepted for a job, our work commences at various stages according to procedures ...

Tempo Map Full Arrangement

The software we use to produce all of our backing tracks allows for the exact mapping and matching of the original tempo - that's warts and all - so that the project click track follows the original precisely. In the case of older recordings where clock driven sequencers were not in use - drummers were notorious for speeding up and slowing down - sometimes even within a two to four bar range. This can be smoothed out during final production.

Basic Tracking

Here we begin tracking the core instruments e.g. drums, bass, piano, guitar etc. so as to lay down a solid foundation for the overdubs described below.

Overdubs & Sweeteners

Once the core tracks have been executed, we proceed to add further elements such as additional guitars (rhyth & lead), accompaniment keyboards, strings, brass and solo instruments. This is where we consider the real sparkle - or Fairy Dust as it has been called is applied to the backing track to raise it from almost demo status to master quality production.

Backing Vocals If Required

Using an AKG C414 ULS Professional Studio Capacitor Microphone, we then begin building up the background vocals using at least two singers who then track over themselves whilst changing their voices slightly as well as changing positions, proximity to microphone etc. Building a 40 piece gospel choir poses only a minimal challenge for us and having worked together for decades - we put these down in blinding speed!

Final Production

The song is mixed down to an industry standard Broadcast WAV file which may then be further processed in a dedicated Audio Editor. With the aid of numerous industry grade plug-ins, we can put that finished quality into the final mix and it is then ready to deliver and be included in our standard library for general re-sale.

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