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Frequently Asked Questions
Last update : 03/10/2022 16:22:45 +0100

What formats are products sold in?
How Much Does It Cost To Produce a Song?
How Do I Pay?
How Does Heavenly Deliver Its Products or Services?
I've Just Paid but Where's My Order?
What If I Make a Mistake and Order the Wrong Item?
What Equipment Do I Need to Use Heavenly Media Products?
Who Pays the Royalties or Licensing?
What Can I Do or NOT Do With Backing Tracks?
I Need Support For What I Have Purchased?
Why Can't I Edit the MIDI Demos?
How are HMS backing tracks produced?
What are the full contact details for Heavenly?
What DO I Need To Know About This Website?


If you are an employee or owner of a company supplying products derived from audio backing tracks or MIDI files, please contact us for licensing terms.

All information at this web site supersedes any documentation included with our products and we reserve the right to change appearance, price or specifications at any time and without prior notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

What formats are products sold in?

Backing tracks are supplied in the following formats ...
SMF (Standard MIDI File formats 0 (multi-channel / single track) and 1 (multi channel / multi-track)
Audio: These are supplied as high bitrate stereo MP3s. WAV can be supplied for additional fee depending on quantity of order. Multitrack Audio WAV is not normally a delivery option but fees are negotiable depending on quantity or order.

How Much Does It Cost To Produce A Song

Charges vary depending on duration, complexity or simplicity or arrangement, density or sparseness of production, obscurity or popularity of song which affect resale value etc.

I have just completed Wilson Pickett's Land Of a Thousand Dances for a client and that came in at just shy of 130.00. I have produced an epic 17 minute Pink Floyd song 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond and there was not a lot of change out of 350.00 so it really depends. Even a song with just piano could be costly if it is complex yet a song with a four piece may come in at half that. Hard to say until I have heard what one has in mind.

How Do I Pay?

We have incorporated PayPal shopping cart and Buy Now buttons throughout this website as this is our preferred method of receiving payment. When using PayPal for payment, please ensure that you include FULL ADDRESS DETAILS. Orders will not be sent out until this information is received so please include this information to avoid unnecessary delays.

All prices quoted are in GBP (Great British Pounds Sterling) exclusive of postage and packing.

We cannot quote prices in your currency with absolute accuracy as exchange rates can change hourly so for up to the minute information on what you may be paying in your currency and how this influence your purchase - please visit www.xe.com

Personal or Business cheques are accepted subject to clearance.
UK Postal orders would be treated as cash purchases.
Orders received before 2:00 PM are normally delivered same day.

Finally - you can initiate a direct credit transfer between bank accounts.

DISCLAIMER: Where we endeavour to deliver your email or downloadable orders the same day - delays may be inevitable depending on your time zone (we are GMT +5 hours to EST). Heavenly Media Services make no guarantees on delivery time and in this respect, we accept no responsibility for any losses or damages incurred as a result of such delays which may be out of our immediate control. These can include but are not limited to server failures or outages, power cuts, telecoms outages, ISP service interruptions etc.



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How Does Heavenly Deliver Its Products or Services?

MIDI File products and services via email


MP3 / WMA backing track via email (up to 10)


CD/DVD Products via Royal Mail U.K. delivery.

Add 1.80

CD/DVD Products via International Air Mail

Add 3.75

Ensure that your email account is capable of accepting large attachments when ordering audio backing tracks as there could be a charge for bounce-backs. Also ensure that our domain (heavenlymediaservices.com) is on your allowed list of recipients.

I've Just Paid - Where's My Order?

Please note that we operate on a first in / first out basis. All items are processed in the order in which they are received.

As we do not use an automated delivery service at our website, all orders are presently handled by real humans. This is important to note particularly if your order is placed at 4:00 am GMT in which case, such an order would be processed about 5 or 6 hours later.

Business hours : Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm GMT / Sat 10am - 2pm GMT
Closed Sundays and National Bank Holidays

In a few instances, we may elect to delete, edit or completely re-do any work which we feel is not in keeping with our very highest standards. This would obviously delay your order. If this is the case we will let you know and you can then choose an alternative song at any time.

What If I Make a Mistake and Order the Wrong Item?

Errors can only be corrected without payment due where the error is not the fault of the purchaser. If on the other hand the error is the customer's, additional charges may apply. Due to the nature of digital goods - we cannot issue any refunds on software purchases. This includes but not limited to backing tracks in MIDI and Audio formats as well as MIDI Sample products etc.

Regarding any inability to deliver via email, customer is responsible for ensuring that their mailbox is able to accept attachments up to the capacity required by their purchase. Customer may be liable for charges in the event that such email delivery bounces. Such charges may be at least 25% of the individual purchase price of a given item.

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What Equipment Do I Need to Use Heavenly Media Products?

Our software works across a huge variety of platforms and applications although if you want to be sure that your particular setup is supported. Contact us if you're in any doubt of compatibility.

Who Pays the Royalties or Licensing?

The products described in this catalogue are (C) Heavenly Media Services. Some rights of the producers are strictly reserved. No part of the software is to be copied or edited for the purposes of unauthorized re-distribution or transmitted in any way whatsoever. The uploading of this data to any on-line service is expressly prohibited.

Most software titles in the Heavenly catalogue (EXCLUDING BACKING TRACKS IN ANY FORMAT) are now royalty FREE (see list below). If the data is to be used for commercial purposes of ANY kind - our conditions of use states that there should appear on any packaging a notice 'Rhythm and/or Groove sequences by Heavenly Media Services' or 'Additional music programming by Heavenly Media Services.

What Can I Do or NOT Do With Backing Tracks?
Read our standard terms & conditions of use.

I Need Support For What I Have Purchased?

All products purchased directly will be supported by Heavenly Media Services provided that proof of purchase or transaction ID can be verified. For orders made through any of our re-sellers, support issues must come to us from the point of sale.

Why Can't I Edit the MIDI Demos?

All demos are time-base disabled for some obvious reasons. 'Some' song file demos contain enough data to recreate the full song again - we would prefer that you just purchase the full version. All PRODUCTION files i.e. full versions ordered are fully editable and are in sync with your sequencer's metronome. * Demo files are for listening purposes only. They must not be used for any other purpose.

Disclaimer : Details provided and maintained by Heavenly Media Services, Essex. Heavenly Media Services makes no warranty as to the fitness and/or accuracy or completeness of these details. All information published at this site is believed to be correct at the time of publishing. Errors and omissions excepted.

How are HMS backing tracks produced?

First the original is played and beat calculated in Cubase.
The actual original is imported INTO the project being produced.
Hitpoints are carefully programmed so that Cubase follows the original tempo - variations and all ...
Once the hitpoint positions are verified, the tempo track is 'flattened' so the song maintains one tempo.
From there, one or two bars at a time are produced on each track starting with drums and other base tracks.
Finally, 'sweeteners' such as strings, brass, harps and other orchestral components are performed.
The process continues to completion before final processing like event length adjustment, velocity checking and deletion of doubles. The reference track is deleted AFTER 2 weeks if producing for custom for a client just in case there are any discrepancies or other issues.

What are the full contact details for Heavenly?

Telephone +44 (0) 1255 821039

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 10:AM to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00 GMT.
Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00 GMT
Closed on all U.K. Bank Holidays

To email us, please click here.

What DO I Need To Know About This Website?

This site is best viewed on Microsoft's Internet Explorer at 1024 x 768

This website uses some JAVA, multimedia components such as Shockwave, Flash, Sound and Video for which you need a suitable multimedia capable computer. Please exercise caution with audio level settings as too high a setting may cause damage to your speakers or other components of your system. Heavenly Media Services shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for such damage.

Note When using forms to contact us or other, some popup managers will not let you see our confirmation that your form has been sent. Unless you actually receive an error message, you can assume that your form has been sent.

Contents of this website (c) copyright of Heavenly Media Services. All rights reserved. No portion of contents may be used without the express permission of Heavenly Media Services. All other trademarks, logos and trade names are copyright of their respective owners and are duly acknowledged. Some graphics and images appear through kind courtesy of Yamaha Corporation, Roland Corporation, Edirol Europe, Steinberg Technologies, M-Audio and others.

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