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Congratulations on the best drum pattern files around, even 20 years on! Yes of course you can quote me. I am delighted to endorse such a good product.

- John Elliott, UK

- Some could call it finger drumming
- Others will call it 'the wrong way'
- Many call us the pioneers of MIDI Samples
- You'll just call it HEAVENLY!

Meet the Products | What Are MIDI Samples?

Tempo mapping is a thing of the past as files imported into current work simply fit into the tempo of the work it is loaded into. Tracks can then be chopped, copied, cut and pasted to the user's requirements and built up around a piece of music to produce a final that sounds more polished and professional.

We then went steps further on the theme to introduce individual instruments like bass, guitars, keyboards, solo instruments and more - to produce a library of music clips that can instantly transform your good work into something very 'noticeably better'

HM released the first products (Dr. Beat vol.s 1-4) back in 1992 - then known simply as MIDI Building Blocks. These and all subsequent products have always been played by real musicians and - regardless of the type of controller used - the results continue to equal or surpass anything else made otherwise.

HM's Jose' Ortiz says - "When we started this business, the aim wasn't to impress people with big names or exotic places used to record them in - or what fancy MIDI controllers we used to produce them - we are in the 'inspiration business' spreading the Heavenly word that if these files are good enough for us to use in the production of our own music for Atlantic Records USA and Virgin Music Publishing USA (and we're extremely fussy about FEEL) - then they would be good enough for anyone who took their music seriously too.

The patterns and riffs were extracted from decades worth of our own personal archives using all sorts of software and hardware for our own recordings released through major music publishers and record labels. Our mission was simple - to pass on all of these years of experience that would eventually help musicians world-wide and at any level of experience to produce better sounding music".

DJ Magazine* - "Don't understand why no-one did it sooner"

Zen Sheopes - Studio Sound - "ludicrously under priced"
Ian Waugh - Music Technology - "heavenly score 11 out of 10" - Simon Bates - Future Music - "unreservedly recommended"

* From review of Beat It MIDI Samples on the PC Publishing best seller.

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#customsongproduction #professionalmusicalservices

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